Queen’s Wrath Bounties – Destiny Guide


Queen’s Wrath Bounties – Destiny Guide

The bounties are on a weekly rotation, but all can be found either through public events or roaming the

Destiny ETHER RUNNER Queens Wrath Bounty Guide

heres another quick guide on how to kill the ether runner, which is apart of the new queens wrath bounty

Destiny – Wanted Veliniks the Ravenous (Hellmouth Moon) – Queens Wrath Bounty Walkthrough / Location

Destiny Veliniks the Ravenous Location, Hellmouth Location, Queens Wrath Bounty Guide, Queens Wrath Bounty Locations

Here is the Step by Step Walkthrough for the Queens Wrath Bounty called Wanted: Veliniks the Ravenous. You can find the Bounties in the Vestian Outpost in the Reef. Veliniks the Ravenous will you find on the Moon in the Hellmouth Area. You need a Group or other random Players in the Area to solve the Bounty, solo it is not doable.

00:06 – Step 1: Create a Group with 3 30-34 Guardians
00:14 – Step 2: Select Patrol the Moon on Moon und Launch
00:24 – Step 3: Drive to the Hellmouth Area
00:47 – Step 4: Wait of / Find the Event, it starts every 5-10 Minutes new in this Area
01:02 – Step 5: Look for the blue Ships in the Sky, there is the Event
01:10 – Step 6: Survive the 5 Waves and kill the named Boss in the last Wave
01:26 – Step 7: Find the Ether Chest, you have 90 sec (optional step)
01:54 – Step 8: travel to the Vestian Outpost and collect your reward

Destiny Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuGZAFj5iqHdroE5DLiMwzjyzV2urunT9

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Achievements / Trophies

Ether Runner & Beltrik, The Veiled Locations! (Destiny Queen’s Wrath Bounty Guide)

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