Snowman’s Big Head – Super Mario 64 Guide


Snowman’s Big Head – Super Mario 64 Guide

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Super Mario 64 Fun Facts, Easter Eggs, Cut Content, Interesting Observations [Snowman’s Land]

Super Mario 64 is a game full of amazing glitches, secrets, and things that we’ve all spent time wondering around. Here are the 10 “coolest” (pun intended) secrets/ Easter Eggs/ facts in Super Mario 64, Snowman’s Land edition! Super Mario 64 is a classic, with historic, well-known, and lesser known glitches/ secrets/ Easter Eggs. Today we take a look at the top 10 most interesting facts/ secrets/ Easter Eggs in the level Snowman’s Land in Super Mario 64! Let me know in a comment which level you’d like to see me cover in a future video 🙂


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0:00 – Ledge Grab Penguin

0:54 – Sleeping and shivering in cold levels

1:37 – Secret coin

2:13 – The fastest star in Super Mario 64 history

2:39 – Smashing through ice

3:10 – Igloo clip

3:49 – Spindrift bounce

4:38 – Slope climbing

5:29 – Moneybag duplication

6:28 – Sinking Boss (Chill Bully)

7:40 – Bonus Fact


0:54 – Sleeping and shivering: One example where Mario doesn’t turn his head back and forth includes when his health is low and he’s panting. A “big drop” in this specific case means that the floor 60 units behind Mario can’t be more than 24 units lower (or higher) than his current height. More info on sleeping in Super Mario 64: Pannenkoek’s video about sleeping explains the four conditions required for sleep (and if they’re required to STAY asleep) in-depth with many examples!

1:34 – Secret coin: page on Snowman’s Land: category for “All Coins” –

2:13 – In the Deep Freeze: Super Mario 64 Current Records for Individual Stars: Ukikipedia strategies for In the Deep Freeze (beginner to expert):

3:10 – Igloo clip is used in some TAS stars, like the Into the Igloo star:

4:38 – Whirl from the Freezing Pond RTA Guide on Ukikipedia:

5:29 – Moneybag Duplication – TAS demonstration and further explanation of moneybag duplication by Pannenkoek, who said the theory for this trick comes from Tyler Kehne, who decompiled the moneybag’s code: Tyler’s channel:

7:40 – Mariowiki page for Chill Bully:

RTA Guide for Snowman’s Land on Ukikipedia:

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0:00 – Intro
1:25 – Basic Movement Training
2:34 – Top of Castle
2:46 – Castle Foyer
3:32 – Castle Basement
3:46 – Castle Upstairs
4:33 – Castle Courtyard
5:12 – Bob-omb Battlefield
5:51 – Whomp’s Fortress
6:23 – Cool Cool Mountain
6:40 – Jolly Roger Bay
7:29 – Big Boo’s Haunt
8:12 – Bowser in The Dark World
9:02 – Shifting Sand Land
9:20 – Lethal Lava Land
10:16 – Hazy Maze Cave
10:38 – Dire Dire Docks
10:51 – Bowser in The Fire Sea
12:00 – Wet Dry World
12:16 – Snowman’s Land
12:46 – Tall Tall Mountain
13:11 – Tiny Huge Island
13:51 – Tick Tock Clock
14:45 – Rainbow Ride
15:14 – Bowser in The Sky
16:20 – Peach’s Secret Slide
16:50 – Secret Aquarium
17:27 – Tower of The Wing Cap
17:54 – Metal Cap Cavern
18:19 – Vanish Cap Drain
18:58 – Over the Rainbows
19:50 – Grand Crystal Star
21:05 – Outro

Snowman’s Big Head – RTA Strats (easy and fast, no slide wk)