Alternate Paths – Star Fox Zero Guide

Alternate Paths – Star Fox Zero Guide

This page will contain information on the Alternate Paths that unlock Bonus Missions or faster routes in Star Fox

[Walkthru] Star Fox Zero | Alternate Paths: Wolfen (vs. Pigma & Andrew)

After clearing all possible stages, Star Wolf appears in Sector α and Fortuna. Follow Pigma when he shows up in Sector α to get taken to a 2-on-1 fight against Pigma and Andrew. After beating them, you’re taken on a course leading toward Sector γ.

Star Fox Zero Alternate Path Guide: Aquarosa to Asteroid Field

Star Fox Zero is full of alternate paths and secret levels – here’s how to unlock the shortcut from Area 03 to Sector Beta!



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[Walkthru] Star Fox Zero | Alternate Paths: Great Fox

After beating the Wolfen boss leading from Sector α, you’re taken to one last new stage before heading to Sector γ. Lead the Great Fox through the Asteroid Field and keep it from getting damaged! A pretty similar stage from the Asteroid Field stage (led from Area 3’s Satellite Mission), with only one major difference at the end…