Family Guy: “The Simpsons Guy” Review

Family Guy: “The Simpsons Guy” Review

The Simpsons and Family Guy have crossed paths, but is this a team-up worth watching or a shameless cash-in?

The Simpsons Guy: Review Part 1

Review of the family guy/ The Simpsons crossover Simpson Guy.

Warning for anyone looking to call us joyless hacks we went into it with an open mind and it isn’t our fault that the episode was offensive, unfunny and poorly acted.

A terrible episode for myriad reason explored in the video.

Part 1 of 2


Короткий отзыв о серии-кроссовере сериалов “Симпсоны” и “Гриффины”. Эпизод “Simpsons Guy” вышел очень неровным и даже проходным.Впрочем,подробности в ролике.

По поводу рекламы пишите – – анонсы, прочие заметки – группа – птица-счастья – всякий стафф

Mini Mondays: The Simpsons Guy

Let’s take a quick look at The Simpsons Guy!

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