You Chose…Poorly – Saints Row 4 Guide


You Chose…Poorly – Saints Row 4 Guide

You Chose…Poorly is an achievement or trophy in Saints Row IV. It is possible to totally miss this one, so make sure you jump on it when you get the chance.

Saints Row 4: You Chose… Poorly Achievement Guide

Travis shows you how to get a secret achievement in Saints Row 4

Saints Row IV – You Chose… Poorly Guide

Saints Row IV – You Chose… Poorly Trophy / Achievement Guide

You Chose…Poorly | Bronze | 10G
Surrender when given the chance.


During the mission Zero Cool you will have to go and rescue Matt. After you drive through the sim area on the motorbike you will have to make a choice between 2 doors, red or blue. You want to choose the red door. The credits will jokingly roll and then it will say you have failed. The trophy / achievement will unlock here. Don’t worry about backing your save up, it gives you the option to restart checkpoint.


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